3 Ways to Stay Organized in Business

Business is challenging, I definitely get that. I’ve opened five businesses in the past five years for around $200 total and I’ll say there has been no shortage of challenges.

The most important challenged I’ve faced and overcome is that of staying organized.

Today’s post is about just that. Below are my three easy ways of staying organized in business.

  • Create a to-do list. It may sound elementary but having an easily accessible list of your day’s important tasks is the easiest way to stay on track. I like to use an app on my Google Nexus that allows me to check off my completed tasks while still being able to view them. If I’d like I can also completely delete the task from the list.
  • Leave important emails “unread.” As business picks up we may find ourselves responding to 50-100 or more emails every day. Sometimes important emails may even get lost amongst the chaos. An easy way to make sure important emails don’t get caught up in the ruckus is to leave them unopened until you’re ready to give them your full attention or even mark them “unread” so you can come back to them later.
  • Create a routine. As a nutritionist I understand that it doesn’t take one bad meal to gain unwanted weight and not one round of exercise can get us in great shape. It’s the day in, day out incremental shifts we make that make all of the difference. Creating a daily routine that keeps us on track is the easiest way to ensure the important things are getting the attention they need.An easy way to achieve this is to use the same to-do list application I mentioned in step one and create a separate list as your daily routine. By simply checking the item off and not deleting it you can use it over and over, day after day.

Although there can be many ways to stay organized in business these three are definitely my top suggestions. Becoming successful can be achieved through understanding the necessary aspects and keeping our eyes on the prize!

Ricky Goodall is a Professional Lifestyle Coach and founder of Elevated Lifestyle and Elevated Academy. Ricky works with high performers to help them achieve their biggest dreams and find their hidden opportunities.