Vital Steps When Starting a Business

In 2007 I started my first business, a mixed martial arts promotion company. As a professional fighter I felt like I had a pretty good idea of how to put on my own show. I

3 Simple Ways to Prepare for Success With Nutrition

A lot of people believe that proper nutrition can be tough but the truth is with a little bit of preparation success can happen almost automatically. Below are my favorite simple ways to prepare for

Satisfaction versus Happiness

As a former professional athlete I’ve felt the sting of losing as well as the rush of winning. The euphoria that comes after winning a bout is second to very little in life. However, in

3 Ways to Stay Organized in Business

Business is challenging, I definitely get that. I’ve opened five businesses in the past five years for around $200 total and I’ll say there has been no shortage of challenges. The most important challenged I’ve

My Favorite Technique in Nutrition (The Hero’s Fast)

The Hero's Fast is a powerful nutrition technique that when used properly can allow someone to burn high amounts of fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle at the same time. Now, I should note,

How to Maximize Your Will Power

When it comes to being a nutrition coach helping people improve their will power is a big part of the job. At the first of a program most clients are pretty driven and motivated; the

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Injury

As a former professional athlete I’m all too familiar to getting banged up but staying injury-free is a necessity to optimal health. Through exercising some daily preventative therapy I’m able to keep my body limber

3 Ingredients for Success in Nutrition

Nutrition can be a challenge for a lot of people, and rightfully so. Whether they’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle, fuel for performance or simply eat healthy it can be a big job for

The Dance

There is a music that plays in the background that we’re not always listening to; in fact many of us don’t hear it at all. It’s a playful romp and a swelling crescendo, a smooth

Remove a Limiting Belief in 3 Steps

Many of us have heard the phrase, “change your thoughts, change your reality.” The idea is that if you think positive thoughts you can create a positive life; but where exactly do our thoughts come