3 Reasons to Avoid Fluoridated Water

A health topic not talked about enough is the topic of fluoride in our drinking water. According to the fluoride action network the US fluoridates more than 70% of its water supply whereas most developed

3 Ways Eating Local Can Save the World

For the past two and a half years I’ve been meditating pretty much every day. I take about 20 minutes every morning, sit in a chair in the dark, take five deep breaths then count

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A lot of us have heard the term, “raise your vibration” but what exactly does that mean? And why would we feel the need to raise our vibration? There is endless scientific evidence to support

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Meditation has started to spread to mainstream interest with practices popping up all over the world. The reasons to meditate are becoming more and more well known and practitioners include people from all walks of

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Challenges are an integral part of life. When we face challenges they bring out a side of ourselves we may not have even known existed. But sometimes we face challenges that seem like they’re never going

Where Does Fear Really Come From?

Have you felt it? The cold sweats, racing heart beat, foggy brain; of course you have. Fear is an integral part of the human survival and we’ve been experiencing it for over 100,000 years But

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I’m a pretty busy guy. Between operating my three businesses, competing as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, teaching meditation and coaching hundreds of nutrition clients worldwide staying productive is not only a suggestion but

How to Use Your Dollars to Vote for Change

As a nutrition coach one of the conversations I have with clients often is about the importance of buying local meat and produce. With super markets offering prices so low that they’re almost giving food

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It’s starting to seem that people are becoming a little more aware of what it truly takes to be happy. As we move into the information age people are realizing it’s not so much what

3 Easy and Fun Ways to Practice Mindfulness

It pleases me to see that wellness is one of the biggest booming trends in North America right now. It’s been a tough couple of decades and the health of our continent was on a