The Hero’s Fast is a powerful nutrition technique that when used properly can allow someone to burn high amounts of fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle at the same time.

Now, I should note, there’s a lot more to having an effective, healthy nutrition plan than just this one technique, but I’ve just found this one to work for me well.

A lot of this research has lead to the eating style Intermittent Fasting, though the eating windows I use are slightly different and seem to work best for the average person looking to be lean and healthy.

We have some research papers on our website about this theory. (

Essentially what you’re doing is extending the period of time in the morning before you have food. So if I wake up at 8am I don’t have any food until 12pm.

When I do this I stimulate two hormonal processes.

First, I extend the period of lipolysis, or fat burning. When insulin levels are at their lowest (like after sleep) our fat burning potential is at its highest. By waiting a few hours before I eat I’m allowing the fat burning process to continue longer. .

Secondly, when we’re hungry for an extended period of time (like after sleep) a hormone called ghrelin is released. This hormone goes on to naturally boost growth hormone levels, leading to improved fat loss, muscle repair and recovery and longevity.

Growth hormone levels tend to drop with age, as early as 25-30. Naturally balanced growth hormone levels can lead to a happier, healthier life and this technique can stimulate that process.

I call this technique the Hero’s Fast. The style makes me think of how early hunters and warriors would have lived. Waking up hungry and searching for their food would be a daily occurance. Over time, their bodies would adapt to the lifestyle.

Once 12pm rolls around I start eating and eat the food types and portion sizes I’ve calculated for my goals, lifestyle and preferences. I continue to eat within a 9 hour period then start my fast again.

This technique can completely change if I workout early in the morning, though most workouts are before supper time (for a reason).

In my experience through nutrition coaching, it’s best for women to stay in a 10-11 hour window and men within a 9-10 hour window.

Extended hunger can also cause excess cortisol release, the stress hormone. If you’re finding this method causing too much stress then it might be best to modify or stop it altogether. Some can handle stress differently than others.

Ricky Goodall is a Professional Lifestyle Coach and founder of Elevated Lifestyle and Elevated Academy. Ricky works with high performers to help them achieve their biggest dreams and find their hidden opportunities.